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we create interesting proposals that connect with your requirements.


We have a staff of developers, QA and Team Lead, to integrate your team remotely, we guarantee quality coding and agility in all our projects, with the best hourly rate in the market.


We support the management of your IT projects, with our team of Project Managers, for an integral follow-up. We also offer the highest quality in the design of complex systems.


We are developing two startups, Itacora, a project on the area of ​​tourism, which seeks to centralize the search for accommodation, transfer and diversion and oficioz.com a marketplace of skills.


know a little more of our history.

  • 2009

    Our Beginnings

    We started with an idea of ​​designing systems and software of wide range, offer online services, provide consulting in the area of ​​Systems and Project Management!

  • December 2009

    An Company is Born

    In December 2009, we took the first steps to formalize our company and founded our headquarters in Venezuela, with effort and decicacion we began the search for our first customers in the country!

  • December 2012

    Transition to Full Service

    We started to offer consulting services and remote services for the development of systems, expanding our capacity and adapting to market changes. We also began to experience in the Systems Design for Startup!

  • January 2016

    Phase Two Expansion International

    We transform our services to bring our experience and knowledge out of Venezuela, offering systems development remotely and at the best costs to our clients, with personnel throughout Latin America, we are a 100% distributed and efficient company.!

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Our Amazing Team

We are an organization with clear objectives and the best people.

Carlos M. Castrillo

CEO, Principal Dev

Samantha Zambrano

CMO, Head of Recruiting

Company of computer engineering professionals, responsible and committed people, with the best proposals adapted to the needs of customers.

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